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Why Should You Rent Equipment from Hawkins-Graves

Rent for unusual jobs

At Hawkins-Graves, we offer flexible schedules and have daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates, so you only have to pay for machines when you need them. If you need specialized equipment for a one time or short term job, we have a large variety of options, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. For your convenience, we provide jobsite delivery and pickup.

We'll keep you working

When you rent from our fleet, we are responsible for machine breakdowns, service, repairs, and storage. If the equipment fails, our team will simply replace it. You'll get back to work fast with minimal downtime.

Our rental fleet has the latest technologies

Features are always improving, and at Hawkins-Graves we're continuously updating our rental fleet with the latest machines and innovations. When you rent from us, you can be sure that the equipment you're using boasts the latest technologies available.

The rental equipment we offer

We maintain the highest quality and standards for all of our rental machines, so they are in top working condition when you need them. The equipment we offer ranges from compaction, excavation, grading, and concrete equipment, to trailers, aerial lifts, generators, pumps and hoses, industrial tools, heaters, and more.

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