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Best Practices

Top Questions to Ask for Excavator Rental

  1. What are the operational requirements for your project?
  2. What are the work area conditions?
  3. Do you need any excavator attachments?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Will your insurance cover your excavator rental?
What are the requirements for your project?

The most important questions to ask before renting an excavator are what will you be using it for and what capabilities does the project require. At Hawkins-Graves, we carry the full line of full size and mini excavators to rent from Link-Belt, Takeuchi, and Yanmar.

Are you excavating down to utilities? Loading dirt into trucks? Using a certain attachment? Our excavator rentals have varying arm configurations and lengths, dig depths, and reaches, so we can find the machine with the exact features you need for the project. All you have to do is tell our rental specialists about your job, and they'll work with you find the equipment best suited to completing it as efficiently as possible.

What are the jobsite conditions?

Once you determine the specifics of the project, next you need to think about the work area conditions. Consider whether you're digging next to buildings, entering the jobsite through a narrow gate, how much dirt you have to move, and if you're operating on a congested site in order to figure out which excavator rental is best. Let our team know the particular conditions and specifics, like needing the machine to fit through a certain opening, attachment needs, and dirt volume requirements, and they'll ensure you find the excavator rental that checks all your boxes.

Do you need any excavator attachments?

Our excavator rentals have a variety of attachment options, so you can equip the machine for specific tasks. Using the right attachment when renting an excavator will help you finish the job faster and complete multiple tasks with the same machine. We carry a wide variety of excavator bucket, demolition, material handling, and other attachments.

What is your budget for excavator rental?

Before renting an excavator, it's crucial to consider your budget and your timeline. Not having a clear idea of how long you need the machine or what steps of the project should be completed before renting can cause you to pay for your machine when you don't actually need it. When you talk to our rental team at Hawkins-Graves, ask about price range and any other fees included in the rental.

Keeping costs under control depends on correctly determining which type of equipment and capabilities are right for the job, and our rental equipment specialists can provide an analysis for you to make sure you are receiving the best machine for your project.

Will your insurance cover your excavator rental?

At Hawkins-Graves, we require that you have insurance that covers the excavator rental. All you have to do is contact your insurance provider before coming in to see what steps you need to take. If you don't have an insurance provider, call our rental team, and we will recommend one.

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